Global Fund for Children

Global Fund for Children (GFC) is inspired by the vision of a world where all children grow up to be productive, caring citizens of a global society. To accomplish this mission, GFC supports the entrepreneurial vision of local leaders with small amounts of capital and organizational strengthening support. These services ensure that our grantee partners can offer programs to some of the world’s most vulnerable children and youth. We identify these emerging grassroots organizations that are operating below the radar and work on issues that others often overlook, helping to strengthen their organizational capacity and become sustainable resources for their communities. Our investment in local leaders and organizations is a key lever for sustainable, community-driven change.

Projects Funded On Catapult

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Give homeless girls the chance to succeed

We are reducing the traumatic effects of homelessness for eight adolescent girls by promoting learning and joy in Washington, D.C.

Change the lives of 42 girls living with HIV/AIDS

Approximately 3,780 children and youth under age 14 are living with HIV/AIDS in the Dominican Republic. Help us make their lives easier.