Afghan Institute of Learning

The Afghan Institute of Learning is an Afghan women’s non-governmental organization founded in 1995 by Dr. Sakena Yacoobi to help address the problem of poor access for Afghan women and children to education and health services and their subsequent inability to support their lives. Run by Afghan women, the Afghan Institute of Learning believes that educated people are the key to a future, developed Afghanistan. With that in mind, AIL works to empower all Afghans through scholarships, particularly for orphans; by expanding education and health opportunities and by fostering self-reliance and community participation through its Learning Centers; through training opportunities to teachers in interactive and critical thinking methodologies; through workshops for members of civil society in subjects such as human rights, women’s rights, leadership, and peace; and through providing health education and health care through its clinics.

The Afghan Institute of Learning’s visionary program have thus far reached over 10 million Afghans. A number of Afghan Institute of Learning’s programs have been replicated or adopted by the Afghan government and other organizations. Requiring community participation in all of its projects, the Afghan Institute of Learning is also helping Afghans to attain self-sufficiency by providing technical assistance to private schools and a private gynecological and surgical hospital. The Afghan Institute of Learning's goals are to lay a foundation for quality education and health for years to come and to provide comprehensive education and health services to Afghans, so that they can support and take care of themselves.

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