G(irls)20 Summit

Think about the G20 Leaders...now substitute each of them for a girl, aged 18-20 years of age! G(irls) is about mobilizing girls and young women for impact locally, nationally and internationally. Designed according to G20 Architecture, G(irls)20 brings together one delegate from each G20 country, plus a representative from the European & African Unions, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the MENA region, to discuss, debate and design solutions that will economically advance girls and women around the world. We place a premium and working together with the private sector, governments and social profit organizations. The delegates participate in panel discussions, attend workshops and caucus to discuss and promote tangible, scalable solutions toward financial prosperity & the economic and political empowerment of girls and women, culminating in a delegate led press conference and communiqué that provides a blueprint on how the G20 leaders can utilize and engage one of the best resources in the world – girls and women. They return home and begin their own delegate led initiative. Check them out http://www.girls20summit.com/the-summit/delegate-initiatives/

G(irls)20 Summit is a member of Girls Not Brides a global partnership of more than 300 civil society organizations committed to end child marriage. www.girlsnotbrides.org @GirlsNotBrides

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Empower girls to be global leaders

G(irls)20 is about galvanizing the world's greatest resource – girls and women – and cultivating a new generation of leaders.