Secret Mama – ON AIR to save newborns in Italy

Mothers need to know that they have a safe, silent way to offer their baby another life.

Why we care: In the last few years, Italian statistics have shown an increase of up to 3,000 abandoned newborns a year. In 2013, Italy has already lost six babies because they were abandoned soon after they were born.

How we’re solving this: Using print ads and radio to promote confidential birthing procedures in hospitals and drop-off shelters for babies to be left behind in complete anonymity.

Not all mothers can give birth in peace. Some make desperate choices that harm defenseless newborns because they do not know that they can offer their baby another life anonymously.  Fondazione Rava launched Secret Mamma, or “Ninna Ho” in Italian, a program that promotes confidential birthing procedures in many hospitals and has built drop-off shelters with thermal incubators for newborn babies to be dropped off in complete anonymity.  We are spreading the news that these services exist in the dense cities of Rome and Naples. 

Fondazione Rava has begun a print campaign through brochures and the free press. We have also produced an informative video that we are using for strategic TV and press events.  We now have the chance to make sure the message reaches as many “Secret Mamas” as possible with a targeted radio campaign in these two cities. Radio is a particularly effective medium for this message, as we believe that a spoken voice can reassure in a very different way.

This project will allow four additional print ads to be run in the Free Press in Naples and Rome.  It will also cover the creation of a radio campaign producing one multi-lingual 30-second radio ad that we plan to air on local Roman and Neapolitan radio stations for around two weeks.  

For some women, giving their child another chance may be the ultimate act of selfless love.  Help us to let them know that they have this chance.  

Click here to read the translation of the video.