Support orphaned girls to be their best selves

Help provide one year of health and social services to 75 girls who have been orphaned by AIDS in South Africa.

Why we care: 15 million children in sub-Saharan Africa have lost one or both parents to AIDS. Too often, they are left to fend for themselves.

How we’re solving this: By supporting Keep a Child Alive’s local partner, Ikageng, in Soweto, South Africa, provide what every girl has a right to and needs to live life to her full potential: health services, food, clothing, shelter, access to education, psychosocial support, and love.

Over a decade ago, “Mum” Carol, the founder of Ikageng, started responding to the dire needs she saw in her community among children who had lost their parents to AIDS and were left with virtually nothing.

Many orphans live in child-headed households where they are forced to take on the role of the parent and look after their younger siblings. Others live with a grandparent who struggles to get by on the small government pension. Some orphaned children are themselves living with HIV. Far too many orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa lack access to things that are basic human rights: health care, education, shelter, food, and water.

“Mum” Carol’s same passionate, grassroots spirit exists at Ikageng today. Under her dedicated leadership, Ikageng now supports more than 1,000 orphaned and vulnerable children with services that allow them to live healthy, productive, and positive lives.

We believe in strengthening existing community and family support systems so orphaned girls can stay in their communities, where they have the best chance of attaining a healthy future. We provide a range of basic services to orphaned and vulnerable girls, including:

  • Health and nutrition services and support:
    • Linkages to HIV care and treatment for girls living with HIV
    • Counseling and support groups for girls living with and affected by HIV
    • Monthly food parcels and nutritional supplements o Health and hygiene supplies (including soap, washing powder, and sanitary pads)
  • Access to education, including helping girls with school enrollment, fees, uniforms, and transportation
  • Social support, including linking girls to social welfare programs, providing legal support, and offering training and income-generating activities

Join us in providing 75 amazing girls with the foundation they need to live healthier lives, reach their full potential, and be their very best selves!