Restore the lives of women who have suffered from gender based violence and extreme human rights abuse in Afghanistan by providing recovery services and education.

Why we care:  Afghanistan today is not just one of the poorest countries in the world, but also has the worst human development indicators. 

How we’re solving this:  Providing a holistic and empowering support program through the Transitional Care Centre (TCC) to women and children who have been victims of or are at risk of gender based violence (GBV) and other human rights abuses.

Afghanistan is recovering from the devastating impact of decades of war.  The low regard that society gives to women, male domination in the family, gender based violence, cultural traditions and low self-esteem of women themselves, along with absence of adequate support to address injustices, contribute to the continuation of women’s inability to exercise their rights.  

Hagar has been working in Afghanistan since 2007 and has set up a Transitional Care Centre to provide recovery services and support to survivors of GBV and other extreme human rights abuse.  Women are provided with psychosocial care, access to medical care and legal services.  The goal of the program is to improve literacy and provide life skills, catch-up and general educational opportunities.  The Transitional Care Centre also links girls and women to Hagar’s Empowering Women towards Economic Participation (EWEP) program – which provides work readiness training, internships, on-the-job training and work placements.

At the Transitional Care Centre we will provide tailored care for:

  • 15 women to receive catch-up education classes and/or literacy classes;
  • 25 children to receive catch-up and/or general education classes;
  • 15 adolescent girls to receive catch-up education classes and/or literacy classes;
  • 10 women (not of school age) to receive ongoing basic education classes;
  • 20 women/girls to receive participatory life skills learning;
  • and 15 women to access work readiness training opportunities as well as on-the-job training, internships and work placements.

By providing education and employment opportunities for women, Hagar empowers each person to grow in confidence and provide for herself and her family with dignity.  Through education and economic independence the program seeks to create social reintegration where each individual feels safe again and plays an active role in society.