Help train a new generation of grassroots women leaders in digital empowerment and citizen journalism training to share their stories and solutions with the world.  

Why we care: There is not a single nation in the world where women and girls have an equal voice. Grassroots women leaders implementing local solutions face isolation, scarce resources, and exclusion from influential forums. They struggle to communicate their visions to the global public.

How we’re solving this: World Pulse equips grassroots women to become empowered leaders and vocal agents of change through our training program called “Voices of Our Future.”

“I don’t want to make a little noise. I want to change the PARADIGM!”

– Neema Namadamu, World Pulse Correspondent from DR Congo

Across the past three years, we have introduced nearly 2,000 grassroots women leaders to the basics of citizen journalism and digital empowerment, and provided in-depth training to 90 women. Our graduates have gone on to train an additional 1,300 in their communities, creating a ripple effect of empowerment. They have also received prestigious awards, acquired new jobs, started their own businesses, secured civil society positions, and touched the lives of over 2,200,000 men and women.

Benefits of the full training program include:

  • Citizen journalism and digital empowerment training by renowned experts, including program partners The Global Press Institute and The Op-Ed Project
  • Personal mentoring sessions and support from a Vision Mentor
  • An Editorial Mentor to help hone your unique voice
  • Opportunities for publication through World Pulse and partner media organizations
  • Opportunities to connect with grassroots women leaders from around the globe
  • Increased visibility for issues and challenges faced by you and your community

We give their voices greater reach by channeling their content—in their own words—to wider media outlets, advocacy partners, and influential forums such as CNN, BBC, Huffington Post, the United Nations, and U.S. Department of State.

We believe that grassroots women are an untapped, largely silent force for social, cultural, and political change worldwide. When they are digitally empowered, they can voice their agendas and dreams and connect to a global community of support that unleashes their full potential. 

By supporting our training program, you expand our global network of trained and digitally empowered women community leaders who are creating change in every region of the world. 

“Today is the best day of my life. I have talked to the world’s people through World Pulse about Afghan women and our situation. And, they have listened to me patiently, felt me deeply, and responded honestly. World Pulse opened a gate to a hope for the freedom and peace for Afghanistan and new and powerful partners for Afghan women. Now I am confident that I am the one who is going to change the Afghan women’s world.”

~ Parwana Fayyaz, World Pulse Correspondent from Afghanistan