Hair loss can rob a woman of her confidence. A chemo cap can protect her scalp and help restore her self-confidence. Why we care: One in three women is diagnosed with cancer in her lifetime. We believe that a woman should be empowered to face the disease with confidence. How we’re solving this: By providing a simple chemo cap, we’ll help protect her sensitive scalp and give her the courage to face her illness with hope and optimism. With your support, we’re striving to support 2,000 women by providing them with a chemo cap at no cost. In a recent survey, 82% of women diagnosed with cancer experienced changes to their physical appearance, and 67% experienced emotional changes. These are our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, and loved ones. Cancer affects nearly one in three women, but touches countless more lives of those who love and support them. We believe that if a woman with cancer can be helped to look good, she will be more empowered to face her cancer with confidence. With an act of kindness, 10-year-old Tamara inspired us to support women with cancer during one of the most traumatic parts of their treatment. From her inspiration, we have appealed to the many lives affected by cancer to unite together to support our loved ones. Through the work of our Foundation and its cancer support program Look Good Feel Better®, we strive to supply each woman who attends a two hour Look Good Feel Better hair and cosmetic workshop with a chemo cap at no charge. A cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment can have detrimental long-term effects on a woman. Each chemo cap represents a woman’s ability to overcome these devastating social and emotional impacts. We believe that if we don’t treat the whole person in mind, body, and spirit we run the risk of leaving that person broken and unable to go on with their lives. The chemo caps are a small but powerful tool during the cancer journey. We’re well prepared to ensure that 2,000 women can receive chemo caps through our current distribution channels, if we can raise the money. Our greatest challenge is raising the funds to purchase the caps so that we can offer them at no cost to the woman with cancer. With your support, we can meet our goal and touch the lives of many.