Legal support enables women and girls survivors of trafficking to access their rights.

Why we care: In 2012 alone, 48 trafficking survivors were identified. 23 were children.

How we’re solving this: By providing legal representation to women and girls, survivors of trafficking.

We’ll hire a full-time Anti-Trafficking officer for 6 months to provide holistic work with women and girls who have survived human trafficking, which will include advocacy for enhanced protection and access to legal rights and assistance of the legal team at our Independent Law Centre.

The work of the anti-trafficking officer will provide the vital link between the knowledge from the individual legal cases and advocacy work based on this knowledge.

Our project will be supported by a robust communications strategy, reaching out to press, radio, television, and social media outlets. We’ll issue press releases, for example on Anti-Trafficking Day in October, to highlight the issues and engage with the media to spread these messages.

We know that this issue disproportionately affects women and girls of migrant origin. They are at heightened risk of sexual violence, unplanned pregnancies, and other psychological disorders.

These women and girls are deceived by false promises of new lives in Western Europe, only to discover later that their new reality is bleak. They need our help.

We’ve been assisting victims of trafficking since 2001. Our work has a long-lasting impact as we assist and represent victims of trafficking in Ireland. Through our advocacy and communications work, we continue to change lives by providing legal representation to survivors of trafficking in Ireland.