Fund workshops that support Afghan women in realizing their power and becoming leaders.

Why we care:  Afghan women often lack the opportunities to have their voices heard in their families and communities

How we’re solving this: Leadership workshops that help women increase participation in decision-making activities

“This workshop really changed my mind and my vision….. as a woman, I now know I can be an active and useful person for my community and country. This is my commitment– that I will be a strong leader in the near future.”

The Afghan Institute of Learning, an Afghan women’s non-governmental organization, has been empowering Afghan women to be leaders since 1999.

To date, Afghan Institute of Learning has held leadership workshops for over 5,000 Afghans.  Using participatory methodologies, Afghan Institute of Learning’s workshops encourage Afghan women to realize the power they have to become leaders within their family, workplace and community. 

Across a seven-day period, the workshop covers topics including defining leadership, an overview of basic human rights and democratic principles, respecting different ideas, empowering others, working together for a common movement and more.

Attended by people from various segments of society (civil service workers, teachers, students, housewives, etc), post-workshop stories from participants indicate that 99% take on some leadership role that they would not have taken prior to participating in the leadership workshop.  AIL has a waiting list for these workshops.  All we need is funding.  AIL is requesting funding for one leadership workshop for 35 women.