Support Le Zbor lesbian feminist choir challenge homophobic and sexist stereotypes in Croatia.

Why we care: Women in Croatia, especially in the LGBTQ community, face discrimination, violence, and exclusion from society. 

How we’re solving this: Through its music, the Le Zbor choir challenges sexism and homophobia, using new media and art to change discriminatory attitudes.

Homophobia is pervasive throughout the Balkans, including in Croatia. Discrimination and violent crimes based on gender identity and sexual orientation are constant struggles faced by LGBTIQ women and men. Women are discriminated against as men dominate politics, business, and the nonprofit sector. Lesbians therefore face double discrimination. Fearing retribution, very few women identify themselves as lesbians publicly.

Rising to challenge homophobic and sexist stereotypes is the country’s one-of-a-kind, lesbian feminist choir, Le Zbor. Founded in 2005, the choir has gained a reputation as a major promoter of human rights and activism, while providing a safe, inclusive space for LBTIQ women. Based in the capital city of Zagreb, Le Zbor fearlessly and smartly bridges the gap between art and activism, delivering its original repertoire along with feminist messages to Zagreb’s cultural scene. The group combines song, costumes, and street performances to shed light on human rights violations and raise visibility for women’s rights.

Le Zbor has already delivered over 100 performances in Croatia and abroad. This year it will reach larger audiences by sharing its music and message of equality by capturing its performances and activism in a documentary film, a photography exhibit, and social media. Le Zbor will hire a choir director and coordinator to strengthen its musical repertoire, artistic collaborations, and media outreach. Overall Le Zbor will deepen its impact to create a world in which LGBTIQ women feel safe, supported, and included.