Help develop an online web series that will educating the Georgian public about the causes and impact on society of violence against women.

Why we care: Violence against women is rampant in the country of Georgia, yet society continues to turn a blind eye to this violation of women’s rights.

How we’re solving this: Producing an educational web series that will break this silence, and educate both women and men about how to prevent and address gender-based violence.   

According to official statistics, one out of every three women in Georgia is a victim of violence. Within the society, speaking out about violence against women remains taboo so the numbers are much higher than reported. Unfortunately, mass media and journalists typically disregard violence against women or place blame upon the victim. 

Since 2010, the Civil Society Development Center (CSDC) has provided education to women and girls in Georgia about their rights and built their leadership skills and self-esteem, while simultaneously working to improve women’s healthcare and increase economic independence. The CSDC primarily works with women from conflict areas, internally displaced people (IDPs), and other vulnerable groups such as unemployed mothers, victims of violence, homeless girls, and mothers of children with disabilities.

CSDC is determined to reach a wider audience this year by targeting both men and women to prevent and reduce violence against women. The CSDC will develop an online web series that will air for one year, educating the public about the causes, and impact on society of violence against women. The program will encourage women to oppose social stigmas and speak out against violence. The group will also provide information on available resources for both survivors, to overcome violence, and perpetrators, to learn not to resort to violence.

To ensure sustainable and women-led educational programming, CSDC will also train 30 young women IDPs to become Internet savvy bloggers and producers. After technology trainings, these women will produce four regional online television programs that continue to spread awareness on violence against women. Women technology professionals will mentor the young women as they broadcast live streams of television episodes. CSDC will also engage communities by organizing public discussions on issues covered in television episodes. Young women will gain lifelong professional skills, become advocates against violence against women, and engage both men and women in breaking the silence around violence against women in Georgia.