We’re providing support and safe shelter for survivors of domestic violence in Italy.

Why we care: Women who are victims of domestic violence face challenges in finding support, services, and safe shelter.

How we’re solving this: We host domestic violence survivors in our ‘secret’ apartments, where they can regain their self-confidence and freedom, and ultimately, start a new life. We need your support in order to make one new home fully operational, by covering the cost to fix the plumbing and complete renovations.

In Milan, Italy from 2009 to 2012, reports related to stalking have doubled, and reports of domestic violence have increased by 17%. These are growing problems in Italy, and survivors need our support.

Our strategic partner ALER Milan – the local agency that manages public housing assets – has granted us the use of an apartment through 2016, but the space needs extensive renovations before it can become a home for a survivor. The flat needs painting, cleaning, plumbing, and utilities such as electricity and gas, among other updates, in order to make it habitable for the next woman who is in need of safety.

Having a new apartment available has a simple and direct impact on our commitment to protect women. With this space, a survivor will have the opportunity to rebuild her life. In addition, with the professional support and services we provide, she will be able to work on her self-esteem, understand what her strengths are, and learn how to be an advocate for her needs.

The major challenges we face include being able to make a real positive impact in the lives of women we are supporting and reaching as many women as possible. Together, let’s support survivors of domestic violence and give them an opportunity to escape violence and start a new life.