Catapulting girls and women forward

girls and women forward

We’re a crowdfunding platform for a more equal world. Catapult channels the collective actions of people everywhere to fight for human rights.

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Supporting Feminist Action Worldwide

Through Catapult, girls and women are telling their own stories and sharing their work with you, the global community.

They know what they need to create change – and we can support them to do it.

Catapult enables people everywhere to take action for the issues they feel passionately about, stay connected and track progress and results.

How We Work

Catapult is ‘partner-based’ crowdfunding. We work with excellent and effective partner organizations to achieve real, concrete impact and maintain total transparency for every project.

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Gender in Media

Change Culture

LGBT Advocacy

Smash Barriers

Ending Child Marriage

Bring Joy

Saving Mother's Lives

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Catapult Campaigns
Cover Stories

Fake magazines. Real problems.

Cover Stories

Catapult’s visual campaign calling on media to make International Women’s Day more than just a COVER STORY.

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“It is brilliant not just for raising awareness about victims of sex trafficking, slavery and child marriage, but for inverting the typical media approach to International Women’s Day”

—The Guardian