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Empowering young women to finish university

Young Ethiopian women are leading the way for the next generation of girls and overcoming harmful traditional practices and discrimination.

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Support youth to advocate for girls and women

Young leaders create campaigns and advocacy initiatives in Africa and Asia to create awareness of girls’ and womens’ health needs.

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A maternity waiting home in the Bolivian lowlands

In the poor, remote villages of the Amazon, women die from treatable childbirth complications because they can’t make it to a health clinic in time.

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Reducing maternal deaths in Cambodia

Train midwives to better deal with complicated births, ensuring safe deliveries for mother and child.

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Reproductive health workshops for Afghan women

Provide reproductive health workshops to 35 women, who will relay that information to their families and communities.

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‘Narishakti’ – The power of women in Mumbai

Mahdu, a widow with two children, is one of thousands of women that The Sanmitra Trust has helped to escape a life of poverty.

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Dry composting latrines in El Salvador

Innovative solution helps avoid contamination of soils and water supplies, reduces disease, parasites and dysentery.

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