– War & Crisis

Jewish and Arab women advocates for peace

Promote peace in Israel by building a network of Jewish-Israeli and Palestinian-Israeli women leaders committed to social change through advocacy.

Collateral damage: Women and girls in Syria

Help give Syrian women and girl refugees a voice in the international media.

Growing up in Gaza

Help provide extracurricular learning opportunities, sports, and counseling and guidance to girls living in Gaza.

A women’s court for justice in the Balkans

Belgrade-based Women in Black has led the Women’s Court Initiative to empower women to redefine and achieve justice on their own terms.

Rights in the aftermath of the Arab uprisings

Support feminist activists and Islamic feminists collaborated to target patriarchy in the aftermath of the Arab uprisings.

Keeping most vulnerable Afghan families connected

In Afghanistan, incarcerated women are imprisoned along with their children,.

Help Syrian refugees access health care

Hundreds of refugees—mostly women and children—arrive daily at Doctors of the World’s primary healthcare center in Qah, Syria.

Bring peace, human rights, justice to Afghanistan

Visionary women-led organization introduces workshops for peace, human rights and justice.