– Project

Why didn’t she just leave?

We’re shedding a journalistic light on the economics of leaving an abusive relationship.

Disaster relief for moms and newborns

After a disaster or displacement, moms need help to keep their newborns warm and clean.

Support women with breast cancer in Spain

We’re providing integral services that help women better cope with breast cancer.

Food for focus

Well-balanced meals give girls energy to focus in school.

A safe home for domestic violence survivors

We’re providing support and safe shelter for survivors of domestic violence in Italy.

Support three women to become entrepreneurs

Empower women with creative entrepreneurship ideas to achieve their dreams.

Create a child marriage free zone in Pakistan

Protect girls’ basic human rights and provide them with more opportunities.

Fighting childhood malnutrition before it starts

Educating women and girls and reducing the cycle of malnutrition in rural India.

Supporting teen parents to thrive

Empower young mothers so they can achieve their full potential and be the best parents they can be.

University education for girls freed from slavery

Education will allow two young girls freed from indentured slavery to stay away from exploitation and follow their dreams.