– Education & training

Education & Training

Food for focus

Well-balanced meals give girls energy to focus in school.

Support three women to become entrepreneurs

Empower women with creative entrepreneurship ideas to achieve their dreams.

Create a child marriage free zone in Pakistan

Protect girls’ basic human rights and provide them with more opportunities.

Supporting teen parents to thrive

Empower young mothers so they can achieve their full potential and be the best parents they can be.

University education for girls freed from slavery

Education will allow two young girls freed from indentured slavery to stay away from exploitation and follow their dreams.

Free education and weaving workshops

A school and workshop for young Nepalese girls to help them learn and earn an income that will guarantee economic independence.

Train over four million doctors and nurses

Training modules and clinical videos provide the knowledge and skills health workers need to respond to domestic violence effectively.

The right clothes and confidence to get the job

Boost confidence by helping women dress and prepare for job interviews.

Pushing for safe education for girls in Nigeria

Education is the key to ending early deaths of Nigerian girls and young women.