– 2013 – January

Computer skills training for young women

Help 120 girls and young women from tribal communities in Kodaikanal Hills of Tamil Nadu, India, learn computer skills.

Dolls for dads

Promote gender equality in the home and overall family wellbeing by helping men participate in workshops focused on transforming norms around fatherhood and masculinity.

Transforming girls’ futures through sports

Help four programs in Washington State build opportunities for girls to be healthy, happy and successful.

Help Burmese migrant women access reproductive services

For girls and young women everywhere the traditional way to learn about their maturing bodies is through “girl talk.”

Using vinegar to fight cervical cancer

Less than $5 can cover the cost of a cervical cancer screening. Cervical cancer is the #1 cause of cancer death for women in the developing world.

Purchase medical equipment for Phoksundo Birthing Center

Delivery tables and medical equipment ensure mothers have quality birthing care in remote areas of Nepal.