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Help 3 women rebuild their lives at a safe-house

Give survivors safe accommodations and a nurturing environment.

Support Nigerian women in Italy for 1 year

Offer shelter, support, and solutions for Nigerian victims of sex trafficking in Italy.

Foster leadership for sexually exploited girls

GEMS Youth leadership program provides educational and employment opportunities to commercially sexually exploited girls so they can achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Providing a safe space for at-risk young women

Safe Space- Prevent sexual exploitation of girls and young women in Leeds, UK

Combatting sex trafficking in Africa

Strengthen the anti-trafficking advocacy project by hiring a Trafficking Program Officer

Stolen lives, broken dreams

Commercial sex trafficking steals the dignity and freedom of its victims. Help us restore these most basic human rights for survivors.

Prevent sex trafficking by educating youth

Prevent sex trafficking of minors by creating and distributing curriculums with accompanying new media.

Give asylum seekers a productive future in London

Provide education, life-skills, and health programming to young women aged 14 to 19 seeking asylum in the United Kingdom.

Healing Shelter for Trafficked Women

Support 10 survivors of human trafficking to live and heal in a Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST) shelter for one year.

Make laws keep their promises!

While many countries have legislation addressing violence against women,  few countries enforce these laws. Vital Voices makes laws keep their promises.