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A safe home for domestic violence survivors

We’re providing support and safe shelter for survivors of domestic violence in Italy.

Charting a path together

Empower 3 women with professional training to chart a new path and restart their lives.

Support Nigerian women in Italy for 1 year

Offer shelter, support, and solutions for Nigerian victims of sex trafficking in Italy.

Ship of hope: rescuing mothers and children

Help vulnerable women and their children survive after making a desperate and dangerous journey.

Gender education to fight violence against women

A woman is killed every three days in Italy. This shocking phenomenon is called femicide - when a woman is killed by a man because she is a woman

Secret Mama – ON AIR to save newborns in Italy

Mothers need to know that they have a safe, silent way to offer their baby another life.

Secret Mama – save abandoned newborns in Italy

Mothers needed to know that they have safe silent way to offer their baby another life