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Ultrasounds to reduce pregnancy complications

Ultrasounds are an essential tool in preventing women and infants from dying of largely preventable causes related to pregnancy complications.

Detecting preeclampsia early in pregnant women

Help provide blood pressure cuffs to help detect high blood pressure in expectant mothers living in the rural areas of Chihuahua, Mexico.

Improve the wellbeing of 620 children for a month

Help impoverished children with medical conditions stay healthy at home.

Getting down to business

Women in Rarámuri communities face high levels of illiteracy, violence, unemployment, and malnutrition.

Broadcasting leadership and empowerment

La Radio Q Género is using radio as a tool to raise public awareness about gender discrimination in Colombia.

Advocating for indigenous women in Guatemala

Indigenous Women’s Watch works to ensure that indigenous women actively participate in leading their communities to recognize and reduce violence. 

Protect women’s human rights defenders

Women's human rights defenders in Mesoamerica are increasingly in danger and need networks and resources to stay safe. 

Exposing the reality of sex trafficking

Help launch a viral campaign to educate citizens in Argentina on the reality of sex trafficking in their nation.

Opening the lens on indigenous rights in Mexico

Support indigenous girls in Mexico build valuable life skills through photography.

Alternative media coming alive in Argentina

Help support Red Nosotras Radio provide women and LGBT people in Argentina a voice and a safe space to enter the public discourse.