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Invest in women in the Palestinian media

Sponsor one of Palestine's prominent female journalists on the first commercial women's radio station and website in the Middle East.

Curtains up! The power of theater for girls

Our youth theater program breaks barriers of prejudice and builds confidence for girls.

Building the power to end street harassment

Help young people around the world lead the way for the next generation to live without fear of harassment in public spaces.

Being a woman in the Arab world and Europe

Arab women who have migrated to Europe often must cope with isolation due to cultural divides that prevent Arabs and Westerners from connecting.

Living a life of dignity after divorce

Divorced women in the Gaza Strip face high rates of unemployment and violation of their rights due to attitudes that shun women out of wedlock.

Break the silence for violence survivors

The Women’s Support Center in Yerevan advocates to change the culture of shame and stigma surrounding sexual assault and domestic violence.

Telling her story—gender studies in Russia

As more gender studies courses are cut in Russian academic institutions, students of both sexes are deprived of learning about women’s rights and history.

Africa in my skin, Africa in my being

Help bolster women in Puerto Rico to lead their families, communities, and society in ending racism, sexism and discrimination.

Theater for gender equality in China

China’s own version of the Vagina Monologues will encourage women to fight for equality.