– 2013 – February

Empowering Maasai girls through education

Help keep Maasai girls in school by educating tomorrow's leaders today.

Training the next generation of Nigerian leaders

In Nigeria, women’s access to leadership is limited because society thinks that leadership belongs to men.

Help Syrian refugees access health care

Hundreds of refugees—mostly women and children—arrive daily at Doctors of the World’s primary healthcare center in Qah, Syria.

Healing through leading at the City of Joy

Provide revolutionary healing, learning and leadership for women survivors of gender violence in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Honoring those who combat sex trafficking

Honor individuals taking significant actions to end human trafficking and rescue trafficking victims in Latin America.

Train 200 Pro Mujer peer leaders in Mexico

Help Pro Mujer peer leaders in Mexico learn vital group management skills, financial literacy, and preventive healthcare information.

Towards the day when ZERO children are exploited

Around the world today, the estimated number of trafficking victims ranges from 20-30 million; about 75 percent are women and girls.

Empowering Tanzanian girls through emerging media

In Tanzania, girls face three critical challenges affecting the trajectory of their lives: HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancy and violence.

Scholarships for girls in Malawi

Provide secondary education scholarships for 120 girls in Malawi.

Help 300 women in southern Laos receive safe deliveries

Help women in Southern Laos access better reproductive health services by providing midwifery and community health worker training and purchasing essential medical supplies.