– 2014 – February

Give Spanish women a second chance

Unemployment and lack of opportunities are hurting a whole generation of motivated Spanish women.

Charting a path together

Empower 3 women with professional training to chart a new path and restart their lives.

Help 3 women rebuild their lives at a safe-house

Give survivors safe accommodations and a nurturing environment.

Warning! Sexist advertising harms girls

We’ve all seen the pictures - size zero models with sunken eyes, clinging to men.

Curtains up! The power of theater for girls

Our youth theater program breaks barriers of prejudice and builds confidence for girls.

On the move to make women healthy

We don’t wait for women to come to us. We bring care to them.

Break down barriers to healthcare for women

Help 150 vulnerable women in London access sexual and reproductive healthcare.

Fight Female Genital Mutilation in Spain

Trained peer educators are key in preventing this damaging practice.

The Lotus Bus: A vehicle of hope

Enable 1,200 Chinese migrant sex-workers in Paris to access health care and defend their rights.

Support Nigerian women in Italy for 1 year

Offer shelter, support, and solutions for Nigerian victims of sex trafficking in Italy.