– Afghanistan

Keeping most vulnerable Afghan families connected

In Afghanistan, incarcerated women are imprisoned along with their children,.

Giving Afghan women and girls a chance at justice

Women for Afghan Women works for justice and peace for all Afghan women and girls.

Learning that women are not less than men

“We learn something new every day and they are helping us in every part of our lives” -- shelter client.

Innovative literacy program uses mobile phones

Using phones and texting to accelerate literacy for Afghan girls and women.

Help fund health clinic operations for one month

A visit to an Afghan Institute of Learning clinic costs $1.80 per patient.

Bring peace, human rights, justice to Afghanistan

Visionary women-led organization introduces workshops for peace, human rights and justice.

Interactive training seminars for Afghan teachers

Since 1996, Afghan Institute of Learning has trained 20,500 teachers, benefiting more than 5 million students.

Print 3,000 magazines for Afghan students

The Afghan Institute of Learning is creating a magazine to develop critical thinking skills for Afghan and Pakistani students in refugee camps.

Scholarships for Afghan girls

Fund scholarships for 20 Afghan girls.

Reproductive health workshops for Afghan women

Provide reproductive health workshops to 35 women, who will relay that information to their families and communities.