Lesbian feminist choir heralds sounds of change

Support Le Zbor lesbian feminist choir challenge homophobic and sexist stereotypes in Croatia.

Center on equality for LBT women in Croatia

Lesbian Group Kontra is bringing positive attention to the LBT community and the need to uphold their rights.

Alternative media coming alive in Argentina

Help support Red Nosotras Radio provide women and LGBT people in Argentina a voice and a safe space to enter the public discourse.

Theater for gender equality in China

China’s own version of the Vagina Monologues will encourage women to fight for equality.

Coming together: Seeking inclusion in Serbia

Lesbians suffer from multiple discriminations based on their gender and sexuality in Serbia.

Sisters singing for diversity and change

Help use art, music, and human rights workshops to change the lives of LGBT women in Mexico.

Increasing the organizing impact of lesbians in Mexico

In Mexico, lesbians are still extremely marginalized and face discrimination for being women and lesbians.

Transforming lesbian and bisexual women’s lives

Help us create safe spaces and start up vocational training centers for marginalized women and girls.