– Food & water

Sow seeds of change for Tanzanian women

Seeds, fertilizer, and training are catalysts of change for female farmers in Tanzania.

Hungry students can’t learn

Education is the most promising way out of poverty, hunger, inequality and oppression for future generations of women.

Safe Stoves Protect Women and Save Lives

Stoves help boost the health of Mayan women, while keeping them safe and allow Mayan girls more time to be spent in school.

Improved Health and Hygiene for Mayan Women

Latrines for 75 families will enable women and girls to advance to a new level of health, well-being, and equality in their homes and community.

Give 300 people access to safe water

Tigray is one of the most drought prone regions in Ethiopia. Less than half of the people living there can access clean water.

Help women & their families own land

Help 30,000 women obtain legal title to their land and as a result control over the income from their farms, increase access to government services, and improved status in their communit

Help train women farmers in Rwanda

Support and empower women farmers in Rwanda, many of whom are widows from the civil war, to establish their own agriculture businesses

Clean water to women and families in rural Kenya

Help provide clean, safe water to 2,500 vulnerable people and cut disease rates – particularly for women and children.

Fuel-efficient stoves for the safety of women

With wood scarce in Darfur, a new stove promises safety for women, girls, and the conservation of the environment.

Vertical gardens for Magsasaka

Vertical Gardens help boost the health of families who don't always have enough money to buy nutritious food.