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Improve the wellbeing of 620 children for a month

Help impoverished children with medical conditions stay healthy at home.

Support women farmers in Sudan

Support Sudan’s first and only women farmers union to raise more successful harvests and sustain women farming communities.

Water as life

For women in a small village outside Patzun, Guatemala, water is life, but it is also backbreaking work.

Well brings clean water, new hope to 300 people

Tigray is one of the most drought prone regions in Ethiopia. Less than half of the people living there can access clean water.

Women's food and nutrition groups in Cambodia

Over 3,100 women will grow their own food, feed their families and nurture their communities in Mondulkiri and Ratanakiri, rural Cambodia.

Gardening for health

Vertical Gardens help boost the health of families who don't always have enough money to buy nutritious food.

Vehicle needed to reach remote women farmers!

ARUWE has had to cancel vital trainings held in rural communities because their minibus has broken down.

Gardening for health