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Fund 10 matching loans for female Haitian farmers

By providing matching loans to rural women farmers in Self Help Groups, we’ll help promote sustainable land management and economic security.

Women and the Environment

Although it is recognized that women are critical to implementing sustainable solutions, their voices are often the last to be heard.

Install 400 stoves in Maasai villages

Help train Women's Installation Teams in Tanzania to build stoves to improve health and provide women with employment.

Solar heaters for single Native American mothers

Solar air heaters provide warmth and economic security to single mothers’ families during winter on Native American reservations on the Great Plains.

Vertical gardens for Magsasaka

Vertical Gardens help boost the health of families who don't always have enough money to buy nutritious food.

Support women farmers in Sudan

Support Sudan’s first and only women farmers union to raise more successful harvests and sustain women farming communities.

Lighting homes in rural Honduras

Help provide "cleantech" solar solutions to end energy poverty in Honduras by reducing the use of toxic and expensive kerosene in the home.

Solar women warriors scholarship fund

Support Native American women in learning new skills to gain jobs in the renewable energy sector.

Dry composting latrines in El Salvador

Innovative solution helps avoid contamination of soils and water supplies, reduces disease, parasites and dysentery.