– Uganda

Providing Mama Kits and knowledge for teen moms

Let’s increase the number of teen mothers who seek antenatal care and deliver their babies in hospitals.

Plant a seed: transform lives of Ugandan women

Help Ugandan women living with HIV break ground for two organic farms to improve their nutrition, food security, and self-reliance.

Texts, games, and contests for family planning

It Takes Two will reach young people in Uganda online and through their cell phones to provide information about family planning.

Train 200 nurses to prevent newborn asphyxiation

Seed Global Health is teaching nurses neonatal resuscitation techniques that radically improve newborn survival.

Help Ugandan women with HIV build a better life

Support 170 women get the HIV treatment, care, and support they need to stay healthy and the training and skills to help them build a bright future.

Vehicle needed to reach remote women farmers!

ARUWE has had to cancel vital trainings held in rural communities because their minibus has broken down.