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Provide young women with an equal chance at college

College is incredibly expensive with many necessary expenses beyond tuition. Help provide laptops to young women pursuing higher education.

College prep for young women

Help us train peer educators to provide college preparation for young women.

Just the facts to improve maternal health

Advocates need the facts at their fingertips to promote change on the ground to improve maternal health.

Fund 30 scholarships to Camp SMART

Help 30 girls, ages 12 to 15 years old, attend a two-week summer camp in Houston, Texas, on science, math, and relevant technology (SMART).

Provide transitional housing for survivors

Women and girls fleeing a life of sexual exploitation often have difficulty finding and affording safe housing.

Break the cycle: Keep Afghan girls in school

Afghan girls deserve the chance to create and pursue their own dreams.

Give a girl the right shoes to change her world

Inspiring girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident.

Why we care: Young women often receive unhealthy, unrealistic and limiting messages of what they should be.

Cultivate leaders who inspire girls to be healthy

Targeted leadership development increases the effectiveness of Girls on the Run programs.

Towards the day when ZERO children are exploited

Around the world today, the estimated number of trafficking victims ranges from 20-30 million; about 75 percent are women and girls.

Help sex trafficked youth become leaders

Deepen young women’s understanding of—and power to shift and alter—the social conditions and cultural perceptions that promote and perpetuate commercial sexual exploitation.