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Provide 250 birth kits to mothers in Tanzania

Medipeace is saving the lives of women and newborns in Tanzania by providing clean birth kits.

Just the facts to improve maternal health

Advocates need the facts at their fingertips to promote change on the ground to improve maternal health.

Help 43,000 students make informed decisions

Many South Africans lack the basic knowledge about their sexual and reproductive health and rights. Let’s change that.

Changing women’s lives with just a few text messages

Help us reach thousands more South African women via SMS to teach them vital information about reproductive health.

Training college student health advocates

Student Health Advocates provide their peers with trusted information in reproductive, sexual, and general health while guiding them through difficult times.

Services for girls and women living on the street

Help Samusocial International buy a four-wheel drive vehicle to reach girls and young women living on the streets of Bamako, Mali.

Education and microfinance to improve maternal care

Support health centers in Sindhupalchok district, Nepal, provide better care to mothers and newborns through health education, microfinance training and services.

Help 300 women in southern Laos receive safe deliveries

Help women in Southern Laos access better reproductive health services by providing midwifery and community health worker training and purchasing essential medical supplies.

Increasing family choices for Mayan women

Contraceptive methods are not commonly available in many rural Guatemalan communities.

Halt FGM

Efforts to end female genital mutilation (FGM) must include educating and enlightening all members of society, including men and boys.