A stronger tomorrow for Nigerian girls

Help girls understand their rights and create opportunities for Nigerian children to shape their future through education.

Plant a seed: transform lives of Ugandan women

Help Ugandan women living with HIV break ground for two organic farms to improve their nutrition, food security, and self-reliance.

Dolphin Anti-Rape and AIDS Control Outreach

Help train Kenyan teachers to deliver self-defense programming to young people to prevent sexual violence. 

Support for an HIV-free generation

Help us fund a Community Health Worker (CHW) in Togo, who will provide invaluable support and hope to pregnant women with HIV.

Change the lives of 42 girls living with HIV/AIDS

Approximately 3,780 children and youth under age 14 are living with HIV/AIDS in the Dominican Republic. Help us make their lives easier.

Preventing mother to child HIV transmission

Prevent mother to child transmission of HIV by supporting mothers' needs during pregnancy. 

A better future for 500 women living with HIV

Help to give a full and safe life to HIV–positive mothers and their children in the township of East London, South Africa.

Help HIV+ children in Lesotho live healthy lives

Fund 100 camp places and monthly network clubs in Lesotho so children living with HIV can help improve their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Help Ugandan women with HIV build a better life

Support 170 women get the HIV treatment, care, and support they need to stay healthy and the training and skills to help them build a bright future.