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Make laws keep their promises!

While many countries have legislation addressing violence against women,  few countries enforce these laws. Vital Voices makes laws keep their promises.

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Exposing the reality of sex trafficking

Help launch a viral campaign to educate citizens in Argentina on the reality of sex trafficking in their nation.

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Ending violence against female sex workers

In Chennai, India, female sex workers are subjected to daily violence, stigma, and discrimination.

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Skills training for human trafficking survivors

Help purchase sewing machines and materials so survivors of human trafficking can develop skills to earn a livelihood.

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Provide transitional housing for survivors

Women and girls fleeing a life of sexual exploitation often have difficulty finding and affording safe housing.

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Making a promising future

Help survivors of prostitution access the resources and learn the skills to make bags for sale online.

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The Red Alert System

The number of women and girls disappearing in Latin America is increasing at an alarming rate, especially in communities under the control of cartels and organized crime.

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2014 World Cup anti-sex tourism campaign

Prevent sex trafficking during the 2014 World Cup through a public awareness campaign in Brazil.

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Honoring those who combat sex trafficking

Honor individuals taking significant actions to end human trafficking and rescue trafficking victims in Latin America.

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