– 2013 – April

Family planning saves lives in Papua New Guinea

For every 213 babies born in Papua New Guinea, one woman will die in childbirth—increasing access to reproductive health care will end this tragedy.

Collateral damage: Women and girls in Syria

Help give Syrian women and girl refugees a voice in the international media.

Help Humaira build the Dream Model Street School

We’ve built the ground floor, now we need to build the first floor of the Dream Model Street School in the Mawach Goth area of Karachi, Pakistan.

Re-imagining shelter living for women and girls

Jenesse Center Inc. helps thousands of women and girls escape the devastating effects of domestic violence and reach a place of hope and healing.

Ultrasounds to reduce pregnancy complications

Ultrasounds are an essential tool in preventing women and infants from dying of largely preventable causes related to pregnancy complications.

Detecting preeclampsia early in pregnant women

Help provide blood pressure cuffs to help detect high blood pressure in expectant mothers living in the rural areas of Chihuahua, Mexico.

Caring for more mothers in Liberia

Liberia continues to be one of the most dangerous places to be pregnant.

Why we care: In Liberia, only 32% of rural births are attended by skilled personnel.

Preventing maternal deaths in Sierra Leone

Simple interventions can help us prevent the needless deaths of mothers and babies in Sierra Leone–and permanently bring down the rate of maternal and child mortality.

Help train 150 teachers in South Sudan

Help teachers in South Sudan provide a second chance to children left behind by the education system.

Improve care quality at the Tamale Fistula Centre

Help the Tamale Fistula Centre in Northern Ghana improve quality of care and raise awareness to prevent injuries and to encourage women to seek help.