– 2013 – May

Solar heaters for single Native American mothers

Solar air heaters provide warmth and economic security to single mothers’ families during winter on Native American reservations on the Great Plains.

Going mobile to fight extreme poverty in Guatemala

Support mobile technology to monitor and evaluate programs for women in Guatemala to start businesses, form savings groups, and plan for the future as a pathway out of poverty. 

Enable young women to join a UN youth takeover

On July 12, 2013, over 600 young people are taking over the United Nations in New York for an education Youth Summit in honor of Malala’s 16th birthday.

Improve health and nutrition for mothers & children

Help CARE provide mothers in 11 of the poorest districts in rural Bangladesh training on key health practices, as well as connect them with health counselors.

Educate Afghan Women about Peace & Human Rights

Visionary women-led organization introduces workshops for peace, human rights and justice.

Using Mobile Phones to Accelerate Literacy Education


Using phones and texting to accelerate literacy for Afghan girls and women.

Support a free school for girls in Kenya

Kibera School for Girls offers free education and connects the entire community to services, such as computer skills training and health education.

Help women & their families own land

Help 30,000 women obtain legal title to their land and as a result control over the income from their farms, increase access to government services, and improved status in their communit

Get girls in rural Niger to school

Improve education for girls in poor, rural communities in Niger

Support West African girls access education

Support West African girls and women obtain scholarships to universities, colleges, secondary and primary schools.