– 2013 – June

Preventing mother to child HIV transmission

Prevent mother to child transmission of HIV by supporting mothers' needs during pregnancy. 

Train 200 nurses to prevent newborn asphyxiation

Seed Global Health is teaching nurses neonatal resuscitation techniques that radically improve newborn survival.

Prevent sex trafficking by educating youth

Prevent sex trafficking of minors by creating and distributing curriculums with accompanying new media.

Triggering the ‘girl effect’ in Afghanistan

By sending girls to school for the first time, you can help us create opportunity for thousands of children living in poverty in conflict-ridden Afghanistan.

Give 300 people access to safe water

Tigray is one of the most drought prone regions in Ethiopia. Less than half of the people living there can access clean water.

Fighting everyday sexism

The Everyday Sexism Project fights gender imbalance worldwide by collecting testimonies, raising awareness and speaking out.