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Help women & their families own land

Help 30,000 women obtain legal title to their land and as a result control over the income from their farms, increase access to government services, and improved status in their communit

Overcoming the obstacles to ending child marriage

Fighting for the rights of girls to enjoy their childhoods and have a choice in their futures.

Ending violence against female sex workers

In Chennai, India, female sex workers are subjected to daily violence, stigma, and discrimination.

Computer skills training for young women

Help 120 girls and young women from tribal communities in Kodaikanal Hills of Tamil Nadu, India, learn computer skills.

Provide life-skills training for 340 girls

Help 340 adolescent girls learn, lead, protect their bodies, know their rights, and be safe.

Empower adolescents to take charge of their health

In Jharkhand, India, 63% of adolescent girls are married before 18 and at least one in four 15-19-year-olds is a mother.

Empowering youth to challenge early marriage

Changing the social climate to one that rejects early marriage through training youth.

Developing leaders to fight against early marriage

Breakthrough trains youth to address the underlying causes of early marriage.

‘Narishakti’ – The power of women in Mumbai

Mahdu, a widow with two children, is one of thousands of women that The Sanmitra Trust has helped to escape a life of poverty.