– Orphans


Create connections for girls in foster care

No child deserves to exit foster care without a caring adult they can count on.

Not alone: mentors for Malenkaya Mamas

Help teen moms and their children thrive and break the cycle of abandonment by supporting life-changing mentorships.

Secret Mama – ON AIR to save newborns in Italy

Mothers need to know that they have a safe, silent way to offer their baby another life.

Secret Mama – save abandoned newborns in Italy

Mothers needed to know that they have safe silent way to offer their baby another life

Help HIV+ children in Lesotho live healthy lives

Fund 100 camp places and monthly network clubs in Lesotho so children living with HIV can help improve their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Support orphaned girls to be their best selves

Help provide one year of health and social services to 75 girls who have been orphaned by AIDS in South Africa.

Bringing health care to street youth in Peru

We provide young women living on the streets of Peru with critical health care.

Banking breast milk for babies

A lifesaving low-cost intervention to save newborn babies using mobile phones and donated breast milk.