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Family & Reproductive Health

When our body and reproductive choices fit with how society thinks it should be, we may take for granted the privileges this gives us. Still, every day millions of women, girls, and trans people routinely have their sexual, and reproductive rights violated.

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Family planning for Guatemalans living in poverty

With the highest fertility rate in the region, many Guatemalans seek access to contraceptive methods to plan their families and improve their lives. 

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Busting menstrual taboos in Rwanda

Provide menstrual hygiene training to 50 Rwandan teachers, who will deliver menstrual hygiene education to 3,000 schoolgirls in ten schools.

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Texts, games, and contests for family planning

It Takes Two will reach young people in Uganda online and through their cell phones to provide information about family planning.

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Train 140 female physicians to support IUD use

Help women in Bangladesh access important information about intrauterine devices (IUDs)* through a call-center helpline staffed by female physicians.

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Improve health and nutrition for mothers & children

Help CARE provide mothers in 11 of the poorest districts in rural Bangladesh training on key health practices, as well as connect them with health counselors.

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Equip a new maternity hospital in Nairobi

Jacaranda Health is helping women improve their options during childbirth by providing access to high quality maternal care.

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Staff a maternity ward, empower a team of nurses

Well trained nurses help provide the kind of care every new mother deserves while improving access to high quality and safe deliveries.

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