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Technology as a ticket to employment

Training girls from rural areas in Guatemala and Honduras in job and leadership skills in media, technology and design to give them a path out of poverty.

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Ultrasounds to reduce pregnancy complications

Ultrasounds are an essential tool in preventing women and infants from dying of largely preventable causes related to pregnancy complications.

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Detecting preeclampsia early in pregnant women

Help provide blood pressure cuffs to help detect high blood pressure in expectant mothers living in the rural areas of Chihuahua, Mexico.

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Getting down to business

Women in Rarámuri communities face high levels of illiteracy, violence, unemployment, and malnutrition.

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Broadcasting leadership and empowerment

La Radio Q Género is using radio as a tool to raise public awareness about gender discrimination in Colombia.

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Advocating for indigenous women in Guatemala

Indigenous Women’s Watch works to ensure that indigenous women actively participate in leading their communities to recognize and reduce violence. 

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Protect women’s human rights defenders

Women's human rights defenders in Mesoamerica are increasingly in danger and need networks and resources to stay safe. 

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Exposing the reality of sex trafficking

Help launch a viral campaign to educate citizens in Argentina on the reality of sex trafficking in their nation.

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