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Questioning norms and exposing injustices

Asociación Civil La Cuerda is opening windows for women across Guatemala by providing a free and uncensored space for women to express their opinions.

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Filming to break the cycle of violence in Bolivia

The largest barriers preventing women’s political participation in Bolivia are harassment, intimidation and physical and psychological violence.

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Give her a camera & she can tell the world

$70 billion US dollars was promised by governments last year for women and children’s health. We want to make sure it is spent effectively.

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Pulling down the fence of oppression in Nicaragua

Help women in Nicaragua access independent media to ensure their rights are recognized and protected by their government, society, and family.

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Print 3,000 magazines for Afghan students

The Afghan Institute of Learning is creating a magazine to develop critical thinking skills for Afghan and Pakistani students in refugee camps.

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Roma girls hold the future in their hands

Most Roma youth grow up in poverty. In this environment, Roma girls have few opportunities for breaking out of the cycle of prejudice, poverty and violence.

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Exposing the domestic violence crisis in Armenia

“Step by step, we are changing the prevailing attitude towards violence against women.” – staff member, Anna Arutshyan

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