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Preventing maternal deaths in Sierra Leone

Simple interventions can help us prevent the needless deaths of mothers and babies in Sierra Leone–and permanently bring down the rate of maternal and child mortality.

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Creating a network to improve maternal health

Help reduce maternal health risks and needless deaths during childbirth by providing mothers access to prenatal care in South Sudan.

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Provide 250 birth kits to mothers in Tanzania

Medipeace is saving the lives of women and newborns in Tanzania by providing clean birth kits.

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Supporting single mothers in the Ukraine

Help provide psychological and legal assistance to mothers raising children living with disabilities.

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Bring health to the homes of children in Ouaga

Help Association Pesinet conduct focus groups with mothers in Burkina Faso to identify ways to extend our innovative service of home health check-ups for babies and young children.

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Education and microfinance to improve maternal care

Support health centers in Sindhupalchok district, Nepal, provide better care to mothers and newborns through health education, microfinance training and services.

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