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Install 400 stoves in Maasai villages

Help train Women's Installation Teams in Tanzania to build stoves to improve health and provide women with employment.

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Sow seeds of change for Tanzanian women

Seeds, fertilizer, and training are catalysts of change for female farmers in Tanzania.

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Educating for better maternal health in Tanzania

Midwifery isn’t seen as a respected career choice in Tanzania and even if it was, science isn’t taught to girls so they can’t choose it as a career. 

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Support girls' education in Tanzania

Help Room to Read support girls in Tanzania complete secondary school and provide the support and skills to navigate through major life decisions.

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Provide 250 birth kits to mothers in Tanzania

Medipeace is saving the lives of women and newborns in Tanzania by providing clean birth kits.

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Drafting a new future

The movement is now for women's rights to be enshrined in Tanzania's constitution. 

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Empowering Tanzanian girls through emerging media

In Tanzania, girls face three critical challenges affecting the trajectory of their lives: HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancy and violence.

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