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Support young women beyond high school

While 80% of our Sisters in Strength high school youth leaders are accepted to colleges and universities across the country, it’s a struggle for them to complete the four years.

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Stolen lives, broken dreams

Commercial sex trafficking steals the dignity and freedom of its victims. Help us restore these most basic human rights for survivors.

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Prevent sex trafficking by educating youth

Prevent sex trafficking of minors by creating and distributing curriculums with accompanying new media.

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Solar heaters for single Native American mothers

Solar air heaters provide warmth and economic security to single mothers’ families during winter on Native American reservations on the Great Plains.

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Helping Latinas graduate by training their parents

Many Latinas living in the United States have tremendous ambition but lack the resources to reach their potential.

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Feminist leadership training to end street harassment

Build leadership skills among our existing Hollaback! Site Leaders so that each and every one of them is prepared to continue the work of ending street harassment.

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Healing Shelter for Trafficked Women

Support 10 survivors of human trafficking to live and heal in a Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST) shelter for one year.

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