– Advocacy

Jewish and Arab women advocates for peace

Promote peace in Israel by building a network of Jewish-Israeli and Palestinian-Israeli women leaders committed to social change through advocacy.

Make laws keep their promises!

While many countries have legislation addressing violence against women,  few countries enforce these laws. Vital Voices makes laws keep their promises.

Educating for better maternal health in Tanzania

Midwifery isn’t seen as a respected career choice in Tanzania and even if it was, science isn’t taught to girls so they can’t choose it as a career. 

Legal self-defense for domestic violence survivors

More than one-half of domestic violence survivors in Los Angeles County, California, have to represent themselves in court against their abusers.

Improve care quality at the Tamale Fistula Centre

Help the Tamale Fistula Centre in Northern Ghana improve quality of care and raise awareness to prevent injuries and to encourage women to seek help.

Just the facts to improve maternal health

Advocates need the facts at their fingertips to promote change on the ground to improve maternal health.

Poland’s only feminist magazine goes online

Help publish the online version of ZADRA, a feminist magazine in Poland.

Strength in feminist solidarity

Central Asia and the Caucuses urgently require strong feminist networks as women and girls continue to experience harassment and violence.

A women’s court for justice in the Balkans

Belgrade-based Women in Black has led the Women’s Court Initiative to empower women to redefine and achieve justice on their own terms.

E-services to combat violence in Azerbaijan

Too often the response from authorities is “You must have done something wrong otherwise why would he beat you?” – staff member from Clean World