– Advocacy

Combatting sex trafficking in Africa

Strengthen the anti-trafficking advocacy project by hiring a Trafficking Program Officer

Goats Empower Mayan Women and Girls

Goats help build Mayan’s women confidence and the means to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.

Land and government services for women in India

Support India’s first Women’s Support Centers and help thousands of women to gain access to government services and a plot of land to live on and farm.  

Fighting everyday sexism

The Everyday Sexism Project fights gender imbalance worldwide by collecting testimonies, raising awareness and speaking out.

Enable young women to join a UN youth takeover

On July 12, 2013, over 600 young people are taking over the United Nations in New York for an education Youth Summit in honor of Malala’s 16th birthday.

Get girls in rural Niger to school

Improve education for girls in poor, rural communities in Niger

Secret Mama – save abandoned newborns in Italy

Mothers needed to know that they have safe silent way to offer their baby another life

Help end child marriage in Pakistan

By training journalists, police officers and religious leaders, Sujag Sansar will bring awareness to and discourage the practice of child marriage in Pakistan.

18+: Ending child marriage

Help Plan International produce and air 13 radio programmes to help end the practice of child marriage in Zambia.

Support 200 women affected by FGM in London

Provide training for community outreach workers to support women in London who have experienced trauma due to female genital mutilation (FGM).