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Online employment training for women workers

In many low-income countries, women lack access to job skills, technical and business training. UN Women is using webinars to train women to become economically empowered.  

Preventing mother to child HIV transmission

Prevent mother to child transmission of HIV by supporting mothers' needs during pregnancy. 

Improve health and nutrition for mothers & children

Help CARE provide mothers in 11 of the poorest districts in rural Bangladesh training on key health practices, as well as connect them with health counselors.

Help women & their families own land

Help 30,000 women obtain legal title to their land and as a result control over the income from their farms, increase access to government services, and improved status in their communit

Creating career paths for 127 women in Cambodia

We restore the lives of women who suffered from trafficking and human rights abuse in Cambodia by providing recovery services and the chance for employment.

Vertical gardens for Magsasaka

Vertical Gardens help boost the health of families who don't always have enough money to buy nutritious food.

Soap, shampoo and self-esteem

Striving to help women and girls boost self-esteem through access to hygiene kits.

Training high school students as health advocates

Student Health Advocates provide their peers with trusted information in reproductive health, as well as life skills, to  guide them through the difficult times they face in their adolescence.

Family planning saves lives in Papua New Guinea

For every 213 babies born in Papua New Guinea, one woman will die in childbirth—increasing access to reproductive health care will end this tragedy.

Help train 150 teachers in South Sudan

Help teachers in South Sudan provide a second chance to children left behind by the education system.