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Give women the equal right to pass on their nationality

Removing the vulnerability and second-class status of women and their families living without the security of a nationality.

Sisters singing for diversity and change

Help use art, music, and human rights workshops to change the lives of LGBT women in Mexico.

Increasing the organizing impact of lesbians in Mexico

In Mexico, lesbians are still extremely marginalized and face discrimination for being women and lesbians.

Provide transitional housing for survivors

Women and girls fleeing a life of sexual exploitation often have difficulty finding and affording safe housing.

Keeping most vulnerable Afghan families connected

In Afghanistan, incarcerated women are imprisoned along with their children,.

Support the Adolescent Girls' Legal Defense Fund

Fighting for the rights of girls to keep them safe at home, at school and in their communities.

Equip grassroots women with digital empowerment training

Help train a new generation of grassroots women leaders in digital empowerment and citizen journalism.

Print 3,000 magazines for Afghan students

The Afghan Institute of Learning is creating a magazine to develop critical thinking skills for Afghan and Pakistani students in refugee camps.

Scholarships for Afghan girls

Fund scholarships for 20 Afghan girls.

Vehicle needed to reach remote women farmers!

ARUWE has had to cancel vital trainings held in rural communities because their minibus has broken down.